Meet Citrosuco

Citrosuco is a closed-capital company, 100% Brazilian-owned. Primarily focused on exports, we operate within the entire orange juice production chain, from cultivation to the delivery of our products to customers, which are principally from the beverage segment and located in more than one hundred countries in different regions of the world.

Our operations are divided into 47 units consisting of four processing plants, 29 farms, three storage operations, five port terminals and six sales offices. We also own five ships and 45 trucks dedicated to the transportation of orange juice. We are the world's biggest orange juice company.

We exist to provide life to all of the possibilities derived from the orange, because it is more than just a fruit or a color, it is our history.

Greater Purpose

To provide food products derived from fruits to contribute to a healthier life, full of energy.

Vision of the Future

To be the best natural fruit juices and ingredients company in the global food industry.


Sustainability: environmental, social and economic.
Value creation: focus on results
Integrity: trustworthiness, transparency, respect and ethics
Meritocracy: to value and develop people; to reward performance
Entrepreneurship: to constantly seek to explore opportunities beyond available resources; in a permanently relentless and non-conformist manner.
Health and Safety: a healthy and safe work environment


Orange harvesting is a labor-intensive activity, performed with the use of ladders and bags. The fruit picker’s role goes beyond the picking of the fruit: he needs to visually select the most appropriate ones for picking at that particular moment.

Usually, between two and three visits to the orange tree are needed to fully harvest it. In addition, during a certain period of the year, the plants will also present flowers that will form the fruits of the next harvest.

With the exodus of labor from the rural areas and increasing labor costs, finding people to work on the harvest while maintaining the competitiveness of Brazilian production is increasingly difficult. This is why Citrosuco has been systematically investing in harvesting solutions, with a dream of reaching, in the future, the same levels of automation as the ones found in other crops, such as sugar cane or soya beans.

We are searching for partners to help us in this challenge!


1. What about Intellectual Property?
Since this agreement does not contain binding commitments, IP will remain with the company that develops the solution.

2. When is the deadline for registration?
The deadline for the first call is December 5, 2017.

3. How does the evaluation process work?
The content of the proposals will be evaluated by Citrosuco executives linked to the startups by the online matchmaking process. Those who have been chosen will be asked to deliver a presentation to the evaluation committee composed by Citrosuco executives and guests for the identification of partners for the potential development of pilot projects and/or partnerships, which may, in turn, be transformed into opportunities for future contracts with Citrosuco in the form of service delivery or acquisition of innovative products, according to the level of maturity and consistence of the startup and the solution being offered.